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Crouch Attacks
In VOOM, crouching attacks are mostly anti-air variations of the normal weapons but in VOOT, it is not true for all virturoids' weapons. Instead, the depending on the weapon modes used, the crouch attacks will fire faster and tend to hit air-borne opponents better, but no as well as in VOOM to be a true anti-air move. If the trigger is held down, usually more projectiles will come out than normal.

Sliding Crouch Attacks
For most cases, a crouch attack can be done while fast walking. A sliding crouch attack is preferred over a normal stationary crouch attack as it helps to get away while attacking, preventing any potential hit form incoming projectiles.You also cause the direction of you out going projectile to change, instead of a straight line, it now veers towards your sliding direction. Also note that only LW, RW and LW+RW are supported.

Both stick to one direction ( Fast Walking )
Crouch attack ( Sliding crouch attack ) Hold sticks in crouching position.
Slow walking

Warning ! This is NOT a useful skill, it is a totally useless skill, purely for entertainment purposes.
You can cause your virtuaroid to move very slowly on the ground by...
Both stick to one direction ( Fast Walking, single lock-on )
Hold sticks in crouching position.