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Aerial Dashing
Aerial dashing is new to VOOT, something that should have been included in VOOM. However, the performance of your Virtuaroid in an aerial dash varies greatly to plain stupid (Raiden) to excellent (Cypher). Heavy virtuaroid tends to have more deadly drift time than lighter virtuaroids.

You can dash in the air during a single or double jump as long as you are still ascending. Simply hold any stick to your desired direction and press any turbo button. To cancel the dash, press a dash button again. During an aerial dash, you can use only the three basic button combinations (LW, RW, LW+RW) . As in a dashing attack, you can also hold the trigger to empty your weapon completely.

In the descending fall of a jump, you can hold both stick to either side direction to glide slowly downwards...not much use for this, as it only invites trouble.

Super Low Attitude Dash

If you do a air-dash low enough, it's called the SLD. Jump and dash immediately.

Everybody can do the SLD particularly useful to Cypher by far, since he can fire twice during an aerial dash. And it cuts down on that deadly 'down drift' time because you don't have so much to fall. If you do it right your virturaroid will look as if they are scooting across the ground.

For virtuaroids who have forward dashing LW+RW as their special attacks, an SLD special attack can be very sudden and lethal !

This can be a powerful factor to Cypher. By cutting down the amount of the deadly down drift time, Cypher gets to make the most out of a single attack while cutting down on freeze time. However, there are some guidelines to follow for your own safety. Consider a SLD as a type of aerial attack setup rather as a staple move.

SLD is most efficient if distance is less than 300m.
Reason : SLDs causes Cypher to move quickly out of a lock-on by your opponent.

Use only when necessary, as quick counter move, escape move.
Reason : Too many SLDs will render you careless and predictable.

Watch your attitude !
Reason 1 : After firing your weapons, you cannot cancel the aerial-dash. If you fly too low, you may run into obstacles, buildings or stairs etc. You will get "jammed" till your aerial dash expires, making you a live target due to Cypher's long hang time in the air.

Reason 2 : If you are dashing towards the opponent head on, you are risking getting shot off the air, fly slightly over his head instead.

Fire only if there is going to be a hit.
Cancel if you are unsure, firing in an aerial dash isn't a catwalk.

Quick Reversal
Sometimes, you have to perform an aerial dash to avoid an approaching projectile (eg. blacboard, ice dragon), and found that in doing so, you lose an attack window. To solve this, I had developed a techinque that dodges efficiently as well as creating the chance to attack in one move.
Most players will agree that a diagonal-forward dashing attack is the best for a dashing attack while dashing sidewards and jump quickly loses most projectiles. I combined the two for the best defence and offence power. This works very well for Cypher and other fast VRs.

Fast walking/ Sideward dashing
Cancel into vector jump of the same direction
Sideward aerial dashing of the same direction, choose your height carefully to avoid SLD woes
Watari yourself to the opposite diagonal forward and fire whatever you want.