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Dashing in Virtual On, is a must. Dashes are done to close up the distance between you and your opponent or the opposite, set up an attack run, dodge an opponent's attack or center your opponent with a lock-on.
To dash, hold any or both sticks to a direction and hit turbo. To cancel, hit any turbo button. You can avoid weapons efficiently by holding any or both sticks and hit turbo twice and to side-step away.
If you fire a weapon in a dash or aerial dash, your virturoid will rotate to face you opponent automatically.

Dashing crouch attacks
You can crouch in a dashing attack ! In a dashing attack, you can hold the trigger to empty your weapon completely. Dashing crouch attacks have the properties of a crouch attack while it is like a faster moving crouch attack with bigger freeze time.

Dashing Direction Change
You can also change your dashing direction by returning the sticks to neutral direction and then move them to forward or its diagonals. Repeat as desire till your dash expires. The properties of your weapon will change accordingly to how you are currently facing your opponent. This works for ground and air dashes.

Curve Dashing
While you are dashing, hold your stick in the up/down position for right dash curve or down/up position for left dash curve.

Dashing Close Combat
You can activate your close combat weapons during a dash for a quick slash. LW will activate the left close combat weapon, RW will activate the right close combat weapon, LW+RW will activate the centre close combat weapon or the right weapon. You do NOT need a double lock-on for dashing close combat and any dash is ok to use.

Both Weapon Dashing Close Combat
During dash, both sticks backward + LW+RW

Left Weapon Dashing Close Combat
During dash, left stick down + LW

Right Weapon Dashing Close Combat
During dash, left stick up + RW

If you dash into CC range, you can do a jump attack (left stick left + right stick right, RW) to cancel your dashing into a jumping attack.

Aerial Dashing Close Combat
This move is specially made for made for Cypher, the only Virtuaroid capable of a close combat attack from the game !
Both Weapon Aerial Dashing Close Combat
Jump, dash, both sticks backward + LW+RW
Left Weapon Aerial Dashing Close Combat
Jump, dash, left stick down + LW
Right Weapon Aerial Dashing Close Combat
Jump, dash, left stick up + RW

Doi-2 dash cancel (Japan)
VOML Japan guys called this as DOI-2 dash.(doi-two dash) which is a nick name of Mr.Takayui Hatano who is a member of VOML Japan.

When Freezing after dash attack, shoot any crouch left turbo weapon. (Crouch Left mode 2 or 3.) and your VR will shoot crouch Left Turbo attack immediately. But if keep press turbo button and enter lever to any direction, then, crouch left turbo attack is immediately canceled and VR start to dash. So this looks like same as center weapon cancel in OMG.

Natas dash cancel (Singapore)
You can use a jump cancel to cancel your dash, which is better to do it using turbo buttons. But you must do it very fast so fast that you don't actual see your VR jump. You will still see a stopping motion and can't fire your weapons immediately if you use turbo button to cancel. But doing a super fast jump cancel don't have this problem plus You will have your enemy right infront of you You can fire you weapons and that include you turbo shot!! ( finally able to hit the com with Temjin's RTRW \( ^ ^ )/ ) and finally can execute special moves that need VO to be stationary (gliding ram etc.).

Remember, do a VERY FAST jump cancel. This is very useful when I'm playing Apharmd B as I often lost sight of enemy when closing in and it allow me to lock on the enemy all the time.