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Melee Combat

In Virtual On, an important aspect of the game in expert level power play is melee combat or close combat (CC). At close range, your basic button combinations are changed to your melee weapon(s). A melee battle has it's risks, especially if the opponent chooses to run away then to fight it out. A CC battle is a gamble. Whoever gets to slice first takes a lead in life and therefore, may choose to play a long range to keep his advantage.

Most close combat weapons have longer activation range compared to VOOM and they are no longer as cancellable as before. Close combat projectiles are mostly removed other than the Close Combat Projectile Attacks decsribed below.

Close Combat Projectile Attacks
You can use any attack with LT such as LW+LT, RW+LT, LW+RW+LT and their crouching versions during close combat to fire your weapon in their approprate firing mode instead of a close combat move for most virtuaroids. While not all combinations worked for every Virtuaroid, it is worth to try them out yourself with your favoite virtuaroid(s).

Close Combat Weapon cancellation

Dash & Jump Cancellation
You can cancel any type of close combat attack with a dash or jump as long as you cancel it during the first few frames of animation or the last few frames of animation. It is considerably harder to do than in VOOM. It is taxing, but it specially useful to Apharmd B. The changes render Viper II's sword dance impossible.... :(

Quick Step Cancellation
You can cancel most CC attack my quick stepping. It will take some practice to use it properly.

Guard Cancellation
By guarding, you can cancel any of your CC LW or RW attacks. It also have the advantage of the Single Frame Guard Cancel Techinque mention below.

Quick Step & Side Step
There is no more true VOOM style circular attacks anymore. Instead, a quick-stepping method is introduced. You get more control over your "circular attack" in get more options.

To perform a quick step, get a double lock-on, then hold a turbo button and move one or both sticks to your desire direction and you can use any melee weapon of your choice. You can hold your turbo button while holding your stick in a direction to keep on circling until you abort of perform a close combat action eg. crouch RW, RW etc.
A side step is a slower version, simply get a double lock-on and tap any stick to any side direction.

Close Combat Guarding
As in VOOM, hold both sticks inwards when there is a double-lock to guard. By guarding against melee weapons, you can reduce the damage by 90-95%.
It is not possible to guard a crouching close combat attack or a close combat projectile attack.

If you are guarding, and the opponent performs a overhead attack (jump, RW), you have to release your guard and guard again or your guard will breaks.
You can no longer do a jump cancel auto guard as fast as in VOOM anymore. You can get sliced this way.

Close Combat Single Frame Guard Cancel
When you are within range of a close combat distance, you can guard (Left sitck right, right stick left). Your virtuaroid will start the guarding animation, now hit LW or RW to fire your weapon without any activation animation. This means that your weapon will fire immediately without delay and have the advantage or sheer speed and homing ability. Unfortunately, the attack will have a short range too.

The obvious advantage is that you can use this to launch a quick CC attack and be alert at the first few frames of the guarding motion, as if your opponent attacks you suddenly, you can continue to guard instead.

Off the ground attacks
When your opponent’s machine falls down after sustaining damage, and if you next to the opponet, your right weapon gauge will turn green and you can pull the right trigger to smash him when he is still down for 4-8 % damage. While you can also fire your weapons from which is safer than risking an counter attack, the green right guage close combat version deals almost twice as much damage. That means even you do a crouch RW CC attack, it still counts a long range attack. Remember, the V-armour still works while he is down, so don't fire from too great a distance if you choose to fire from a far.

Advance Close Combat Techniques

Quick Jumping Attack
In close combat range, jump and press LW+RW quickly to perform a quick jumping attack. This move is rather slow and has a very limited range. However, it is a great element of surprise and good damage.

Guard Crush
Similar to the recent KOF '97, '98 and SF Zero III, in VOOT, it is possible to break through your opponent's guard.
At very close range ( point blank ) , press LW+RW+RT. Cypher will spin around with his beam sword extended. If you succeed, the opponent will take full damage and his guard is crushed ! Dordray will grab his opponent and give him a punch he had never seen before. Guard crushing has be done at very close range, remember ! Normally, guard cruching moves are slow to execute and have long uncancellable animations so take your fight cautiously !