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Advanced Thrust Vectoring
In VOOT, the game mechanics is designed in such a way that that if you are closing in onto your opponent or if your opponent is running away, your chance of hitting your opponent increases while his decreases ! The following is the application of the Advance Thrust Vectoring method.

The Advance Thrust Vectoring (ATV) method also applies the usage of the first-in-first-out rule of VOOT, where the last weapon fired will cancel out the first fired weapon even though it is weaker (except for LW+RW weapons which cannot be cancelled this way). It takes a long time to get the hang of ATV, so be patient.

If opponent is...(air borne or on the ground)

Standing or walking or dashing away from you
Use forward dashing attacks. Better still, use diagonal forward dashing attacks as you can dodge your opponent's projectiles while you attack !

Dashing side-way pendicularly to you
Dash straight forward and fire you weapon of choice.

Diagonal-forward dashing at you
Use diagonal forward dashing attacks in a path that "cut" through his running path.
To make the most out of this, you can use dashing/aerial dashing directional change to dodge and attack in the most advantageous way. By changing your dashing orientation due to changes in the opponent relative position to you (your opponent can make attempts to run), you can shift yourself till you are moving forward or diagonally forward for the maximum effect.

Contrasting with what is above, the Advance Thrust Vectoring also means that you must learn to that the most stupid mistake is to dash or move in any backward directions. Not only that your distance with your opponent increases, the chances of hitting with your weapons drops to nil. If your opponent is aware if the Advance Thrust Vectoring, he will simply diagonal forward dash (avoid your projectiles) and counter attack (Point 1 of ATV).

You can watch a expert level fight and see that almost all the dashes and aerial dashes are mostly forward or diagonal forward versions.
Below it a table that might be helpful. The chances of getting a hit on the opponent shown are dependent on the weapon used and is assumed that the opponent does not jump. All the direction of dashes are relative to the position of the opponent and applies to aerial dashes too. Eg. backward dash means you are running away from the opponent.
Direction of dash Chances of hitting the opponent Chances of getting hit by opponent
Forward dashing 40% 60%
Diagonal forward dashing 20% 80%
Sideward dashing 50% 50%
Backward dashing 20% 80%
Diagonal backward dashing 25% 75%

By dashing relatively forward to the opponent, you can lose your opponent's lock-on while you maintain yours while you also gain the advantage of ATV's benefits !

Dashing forward to a stationary opponent also poses risks. Remember that to the stationary opponent, you are also moving towards him ! That means the ATV actually benefits the both of you. Since stationary attacks tends to be more cancellable than dashing attacks, you are at the end of the sword !

To solve this, use diagonal forward dashes instead. In this case, the distance between you can your opponent still decreases, but the opponent loses the lock-on, which is a critical advantage. Without a lock-on, ATV's advantage is all for you to reap. Sure, the opponent can jump-cancel or rotate to regain the lock-on, but your weapons will normally render the situation hopeless to your opponent.

If you are at the recieving end of a forward diagonal dashing attack, answer with a forward dashing attack. In this case, both of you will have a lock-on on each other, distance increasing and both of you dashing relatively backwards to each other. Both of you loses the advantage of ATV then. Fire your weapon only after you opponent had, as the first-in-first-out rule applies to your advantage.

By dashing relatively sidewards to the opponent, both your projectiles are equally likely to hit and is dependent on the choice of your weapon used.
By dashing relatively backwards to the opponent, you lose all your advantages...silly....stupid.