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Virtual Armour
Virtual armor is a new additional item in VOOT. It is a special type of energy shielding that can deflects projectiles completely. It's main purpose is to prevent chicken players from shooting from afar, making the game much more fun to play.

There are 2 type of Virtual-armour deflection.
1) Projectiles bounces off completely and do no damage at all.
2) Projectiles bounces off completely and deals damage to virtual armour.

The projectiles deflection ability depends on how good the Virtual Armor the virtuaroid has and the nature of the projectile. Virtual armour deflection rate is increased when you are crouching.

To defeat the Virtual Armor, some weapons can lower the Virtual Armor on impact. Most of the energy projectiles like bombs, beam rifles can reduce the V-armor slowly. Angelan and Specineff are special cases. Almost every of their weapons drain the V-armor much faster eg. Specineff's sonic wave, Angelan's RW ice shots. Surprising, Cypher's close combat attacks also damages the virtual armour.An alternative is to play at close range, where the V-armor is not as effective.