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Jumping in VOOT is used for re-orientating yourself to automatically rotate to face your opponent fast. Take note that your machine will only turn to face the opponent at the start of the jump. If you need to regain sight during a jump, you have to dash. Not only so, by jumping at the proper timing, you can also dodge attacks. However, you have to jump earlier than in VOOM and sometimes, you have to double jump to lose the attack properly.

Double jumping
Another interesting addition is the possibility of a second jump aka double jumping. You can perform the second jump anytime during the first jump as long s you have not reached the apex of the first jump. When you cancel the double jump, you cancel all jumps thus you cannot "cancel" the jump into a lower level. Double jumping is very good for dodging incoming shots while you are still in the air.

Jump cancelling
As long as you have not reach the apex of your jump or double jump, you can cancel the jump by pulling both sticks inwards. The jump will be terminated immediately and quickly. If you jump cancel too quickly, some virtuaroids do not rotate to face the opponent.
If you are cancelling after the apex of the jump, you can still "cancel" the hangtime in the air by pulling both sticks inwards. This cancelling is slower than the cancelling before the apex.
Even after firing weapon(s) in the air, you can also "cancel" the freeze time in the air by pulling both sticks inwards. This cancelling is the slowest of all. Cypher benefits the most !
You can "control" the hang time in the air by holding your stick inwards to "fall" faster and releasing it to slow down the "fall". Mixed with rowing, the results is pretty good, as it screws up your opponent's timing.

Vector jumping
You can do a diagonal jump that travels upwards fast while moving off to the either side of the screen, creating a "pushing" screen effect. Light virtuaroids get the most benefits especially Cypher as you can see Cypher flew with the screen shaking rapidly to an effort to re-center him.

To vector jump, hold both sticks to left or right as desired. Quickly pull both sticks apart and you will start the vector jump. As soon as you jump, move the sticks back to the desired direction again.

Aerial Rotation
By holding any turbo button, you can rotate your virturoid in the air just like if you are on the ground. Hold left stick up for right rotation or right stick up for left rotation.

Take note that you can rotate whenever you want, regardless of what you are doing. This in turns means that aerial rotation can be used to rotate before, after and when you are firing a weapon ! This is very good for getting a proper lock-on if the opponent tries to evade you.