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Tricks For VOOT
There's a lots of ways to destroy Bradtos(The mid-boss) "WITH STYLE".
Here's some that has been tested and proven to be successful...

Temjin: Surfing Ram/ Mega Spinning Sword Bradtos as a final blow.
Specineff: Sliding Tackle for the last attack. (THE BEST!)
Dordray: Execute Forward-dash, pull sticks back+CW (Dashing CC) OR Mega Spinning Drill.
Cypher: SLC DIVE
Apharmd B/S: Shadowless Kick/Punch

OR you can also use the other VRs' dashing CC attacks to do that(e.g. Bal's wheel dashing CC attack).

The CPU will always try to face you everytime you went out of their sight/ lock-on. This causes them to do funny movements <calling for A-Jim in the meantime> when you:

1)CIRCLE around them in CC (Vs. Temjin/ Apharmd S in Floating Carrier only). The AI will turn to face you, round and round and round....
2) Walking left and right in far-range (Vs. Fei-Yen). She'll do the Turbo heart beam that will miss you everytime you move.