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The Codes Of Honour

The VO Pilot Code of Honor

What is this ?
It is a set of acceptable behavior and attitude that should be cultivated in all VO players. We cannot force anyone to follow them, but to make more friends than enemies in VO, it is suggested that you follow the rules.
The Codes of Honor
1 Seek permission
If you wish to engage another player, please seek his permission.
2 Cursing and swearing
Ban Ban Ban ! No matter if you win or lose, it is very inconsiderate to curse or swear. However, constructive comments on your opponent gameplay is ok, which should be promoted to encourage better play. Please don't use any swear words !

3 Hanging/Damaging the machine
Please do not hang the game on purpose, the management is already sick of the Bal hanging bug. Also, if this is not done on purpose, please report to the counter and reset the machine.

3 Banging/Violent use of Sticks
We know that this game is fast and furious, but please do not bang or use the sticks until it emits cracking sounds ! In VOOT, this is particularly the case. Despite the redesigning of the sticks to a lower height to prolong the lifetime of the sticks (which made things worst), many players still use as much strength to manipulate the sticks as in VOOM. Please be inform that VOOT machines doesn't earn very much for the acrade, it cost a bomb, and the maintainance cost is high. If this goes on, there wouldn't be VO 3 in Malaysia for no arcade will dare to import a single unit.
The worst sticks bangers are usually beginner players. If you are one of those who can't help yourself but to bang the sticks a lot, try gripping the sticks more firmly and tightly. The common problem is that the hands does not grip properly onto the sticks. Try to grip the stick with the full hand, not just by the top. Otherwise, the palm will smack onto the base of the stick, causing the banging and damage to the sticks, despite a solid metal rod in the stick ! By gripping the stick correctly, execution of moves is easier and soundfree.

4 Cheap tricks and VRs
Some moves in the game should be avoided to be use frequently if your opponent do not know how to handle it properly. There are many more examples but here are some...
So far, Temjin and Angelan have the most cheap tricks, which give them high damage and high hitting advantages.
Eg. Temjin Gliding Ram. To a average Cypher, it is very deadly but to an expert Cypher, most of them misses or gets blocked. Similarly, Gliding Ram is fairly useless to Dordray, who gets little damage from it and most of them misses anyway.
Eg. Temjin's machine gun. When used against a beginner, most are helpless against it, while expert plays knows that certain weapons and V-Armour can deflects the projectiles easily.
Eg. Angelan's ice shields and double dragons. Hiding behind shields for the whole game is boring. Cheapskate Angelans players hides behind ice shields and fire double dragons all the time.
Eg. Bal's Oni Mines. Most players still can't handle them, save for a few.
5 Hosing of your opponent VRs
Unless when invited to do so, please avoid using certain VRs that hoses their VRs, which can easily beats them in the "endless circle of defeat".
The Endless Circle of Defeat
The VRs Hosed by
Temjin Dordray
Cypher Bal Series(Oni balkans), Grys-Vok
Apharmd B Fei-yen Knight, Raiden
Apharmd S Specineff, Angelan, Bal Series(Oni balkans)
Raiden Specineff, Bal series
Specineff Cypher, Angelan
Angelan Temjin, Bal Series, Specineff
Dordray Bal series, Cypher
Grys-vok Fei-yen Knight
Fei-yen Knight Dordray
Bal Series Specineff
Ajim None in particular
6 Chicken/Machi playing style
It is ok that you can play defensively, but avoiding close combat to the extend of running away, hiding behind obstacles, and staying beyond 400m all the time without even trying to close up the distance at all is considered machi, japanese for chicken.
Cypher, Angelan, and Fei-yen Knight players are the worst offenders. Their obvious advantage at long range battles clearly promote machi gameplay. Playing defensively doesn't mean that you sit there and wait forever, but to keep on poking your opponent's defences and do as many hit and runs as possible.