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Virtual-On: Operation MoonGate
<Enter The Virtuaroids Hangar>

The era had been renewed to the Virtual Century (V.C.).  The earth bloc was ruled by the Hyper Contents Providers mainly involved with the enormous media industry.  It was in the chaos of <Medieval Stagnation> politically and culturally.

In 0084 V.C., a major turning point had come to the earth bloc embarrassed by the space colony such as Mars growing its power as a frontier.  DN Co., which was one of the Hyper Contents Providers, discovered the <Ruins> which was a vestige of the supreme civilization far beyond the level of the existing scientific technology while probing the resources on the moon surface.  The top executives of DN Co. schemed to conceal and monopolize the OT(Over Technology) of the <Ruins>.  They intended to gain predominance over the other HCPs and the big organizations outside the earth.

They developed the new arms <VR(VIRTUAROID)> based on the OT as the advance guard, and strengthened the military power by organizing the troops equipped with VRs.

However, the times were going to the different direction from what they had expected.  The confrontation among insiders got aggravated over the usage of OT represented by VRs.  The intervention by outsiders were also intensified.  Finally, in 00a0 V.C.(Virtual Century is notated in hexadecimal.), in the complicated situation, the <Ruins> itself ran out of control.  In the worst condition, the powerful arms VIRTUAROID stood on the front stage of the history.  People put the VRs into motion and executed the <Operation Moon Gate> to destroy the <Ruins>.

It was just an overture leading to the endless battle.

The development of VIRTUAROID originates from the discovery of the nonhuman ruins near the base of DN Co. on the moon surface in 0084 V.C..  DN Co. showed a great interest in the ruins and got started the full-scale excavation.  A gigantic human-shaped object which was supposed to be some arms was dug out during the excavation.  A restoration of the body itself was almost impossible, but there was a good possibility of partial restoration, especially of the head part(to be called <BAL-BAS-BOW unit> later).  DN Co. has got started a restoration of the BAL-BAS-BOW unit in earnest.

First of all, the V converter was developed as a control system.  The V converter is a black box originated from the ruins OT(Over Technology) whose core is the V crystal, based on the feedback data of the analysis result regarding the system of the ruins so far.  However, the BAL-BAS-BOW unit was very difficult to deal with.  The restoration ran into difficulties unexpectedly, and some serious accidents occurred.  The damage was very serious and people were made to realize how optimistic outlook they have got.

At the time you start playing <VIRTUAL-ON>, the runaway of ruins on the moon surface has already begun. DN Co. announced the Operation Moon Gate(O.M.G.) as a drastic measure to destroy the ruins, and took various measures to increase the number of operative arms as much as possible.  One of those schemes were put into practice.  DN Co. embedded the Virtuaroid remote control system which was developed confidentially into the M.S.B.System(M.S.B.S.) of VIRTUAL-ON (Virtuaroids originally need human control.), and opened it to public as a common battle game <VIRTUAL-ON>.  They schemed to utilize the ordinary players as military force unawares.  Although the Virtuaroid is certainly a very powerful arms, the pilots must have some aptitude (VIRTUAL-ON positive) to control it well.  You are conscripted by compulsion unconsciously.

The first half of the game is the <VIRTUAL-ON positive> simulation, and the latter half is the practical battle.  In the first 5 stages, you are given the VIRTUAL-ON positive test for compulsory service.  In the middle stage of the game, the system screen of M.S.B.S. is displayed.  At this time, the battle mode of Virtuaroid is switched from the ground mode to the space mode.  When you passed the VIRTUAL-ON positive simulation, you are mind-shifted to an orbit around the moon far away and sent to the battlefield.  You will fight as a soldier of an advance troop to destroy the ruins.

Good luck!!