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Playing Styles

The playing style of VR pilots vary greatly from locations to locations and the pilots themselves. Some pilots perfers to stick to a style all the way or use a combination of playing styles that suits their VR best. The following is my attempt to generalise the various forms of playing styles I had came across.

Upclose and personal Background
This style is made popular in VOOM with Fei-yen and Viper II where their RW weapon fires an almost non-stop stream of low damage projectiles. The pilots will walk forward towards the opponent and force him to make mistakes. At near CC range, LW projectiles are fired to fuel the growing tension and quick CC attacks are often used to bring up the damage total. Pilots adapting in this style seldom runs away and sticks very close to you. In VOOT, it works very well with Fei-yen Knight and Ajim.
How this style works is by using psychological pressure ( I can't afford to lose a lead in my life gauge!) via the rapid firing RW and to force the opponent into making mistakes. A slow and persistant attack will slowly drain any hot-head pilots into making mistakes such as attempting to fire machine gun(Temjin), fire sonic wave(Specineff) which are hard to hit because of the distance involved. At close range, they do not home well and you eat enough freeze time to get killed.
Hit and run Background
Favoured by Specineff, Temjin and Aphamrd B players, they often close-in rapidly and and launch a sudden and heavy attack. Regardless of success or failure, they will quickly dash away to long distance and repeat when the moment comes.
To use this style, the VRs must have at least one weapon of high speed and damage. The VRs themeselves must have enough speed and at least one quick charging weapon necessary to close in quickly. Temjin got his beam rifle(best RW shots in the whole game). Specineff has his blackholes and RW shots. Apharmd B has his hurricanes and tongfer.
Long distance bombardment Background
Most beginners play in such style, which most players consider chicken. Regardless of the situation, they always dash away from you and fire pot shots from the other end of screen. Such players are mostly Grys-vok, Cypher and Apharmd S users.
The theory is simple and straight forward : always keep your distance. Obstacles help a lot too. You can hide behind one and launch your own attacks against your opponent. CW and LW weapons are greatly used and the opponent can notice a pattern forming soon enough. So the pilot must be patience and pick his attacks wisely.