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What IS Virtual-On?
Virtual On overrode her creators expectations to become one of Sega's best 3D mecha beat em' up games. Launched as a mecha beat em' up game in which the player control specially designed mechanics called Virtuaroids by means of two control sticks, VO was targetted to be popular in Japan only. However, the popularity of Virtual On has since spread around the world, gathering a group of hardcore fans. The years of 1994 - 1999 saw the creation of several international Virtual On Clubs, fondly called VOCs by its members with each an aim to be the best VOC and its members aspiring to be the best pilot in the world. To date, the only official tournament ever organized by Sega was the Den to Gou in which Team Dordray's best known Temjin pilot E.K.D. snagged the first place from rival Angelan to be the best pilot in Japan. E.K.D. now heads Team Dordray.
Of course, to say that each individual VOC does not organize their own compeititions would be underestimating them! Virtual On Works have since then released a sequel to Virtual On Operation Moongate, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram.
Don't let the name fool you, Oratorio Tangram is definitely a more versatile version than Operation MoonGate.

p.s. This Data is extracted from Fei-Yen Knight HQ page (Sorry Fei Yuki ^,^u)