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Credits & Thanx!
This page is dedicated to those good peoples who make this page possible..... ______without them, I probably still be out there looking for a web host and learning hard to build a webpage..

Tirah Dragonfire _____Special thanks to her for her wonderful VO page that helped me to finish the VO1 with other VR and specials.. I like that page.....

Fei Yuki/ X Tem _____Who else? Their page was my only source to get VO2 infos and strategies to beat the game!!! I'll try to make a good page just like them... Thank You, Arigatou, Terima Kasih!!!!!

SEGA ____Ahh!!!!! My Fav game creator!! NO SEGA, NO VO / VO2, NO Best friends...Coz the game actually unites me and another 3 friends in my school..Now we're still friends for about 3 years of VON-ing, eventhough we're in different classes. We're the 4 VO-Freaks in Cochrane!!

SIVOC ____ Well, their page draws my attention to Fei Yuki's FanFic, until the old page of FY (or her pals)stopped updating for about 1 month, I started hunting.....& i've found the Fei Yen Knight Quarters!!!! ^,^

VAA'S Site ___where I get most of the pictures...

The one who reminded me about the pix's 'copyright'

I"ve FORGOT!!! ____Aiya!!! Too many contributors....Thanx to you all. Sorry if I didn't mention you guys, but anyway if you find out that you've contributed to this page, feel free to mail me or SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!