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Latest Reports:
17th JUNE, 2000:
  PHEW....! I've finally managed to get this page online since my computer ate the CIH *sigh*. However, it has undergone a MAJOR updates to almost every page! Anyway, enjoy your visit here! ^,^

17th JULY, 2000:
PHEW again! I've add some pix to the fanarts...Finished the Temjin and Bal's guide page

02nd August, 2000:
Yahoo!! Finally the VRs guides are completed!! Now the guides left to be done will be the Completion Guides....

04th August, 2000:
All the galleries are up!! Added some fanarts and will be making the Completion Guides once I'm ready...

22nd August, 2000:
Added the 'Alpha Temjin' into the fanart section.

22nd August, 2000:
Major appearance update, plus some new fanarts...