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About ME!
Real Name: *Tem* Yap Wai Mun
NickName: Duo Maxwell or "Shinigami Desaizu"
From: Malaysia
D.O.B.: 10th October 1984
Prefered VRs: ALL except Apharmd The Striker
Friends Together with Me: Han Bin Siew(Robin); Adin Yat; Vincent Wong.


- Started playing VO when i'm 13.
- Set my VO best pilot records full from 1st to 10th. Named "YWM" (The records were
 still unchallengable, even i tried to break it myself...^.^)

- Started playing VOOT during year ends' holiday. I stopped playing VOOM since then.
Got addicted to VOOT and managed to complete the game with every VR.

-Finally I managed to clear out the "VON" guy out of the RNA records list. I've my name
"YWM" on the whole list again with Apharmd B.

-Managed to win another VOOT expert who enjoys engaging me without asking
(screw 'em!)-7 wins in a row... Haven't seen him since then(wonder why?)

-Hoping to go to Singapore to meet up with the SiVOC members...