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This section contains events that my friends and i had encountered when we played VOOT. They're all for real, but most of them are accidentally executed...

Specineff  Vs. Cypher:
Cypher executed a SLC Dive and circles around Speci 2 times and crashed when Speci threw a Turbo Sonic Wave at the 'fly'.

Temjin Vs. Temjin:
CPU Temjin executed a Surfing ram and missed. The opposing Temjin then surfed back at him.

Dordray Vs. Apharmd S:
At the Floating Carrier, Dordray went into giant mode and started to stomp Striker. Striker had only 10% of energy left when the giant Dordray grabbed him and gave him a punch that sent him to the other end of the arena.

Temjin Vs. Temjin
I executed a surfing at another human Temjin. I surfed around the opposing Temjin and I could hear the one who's linking game with started to laugh. The surf connected though, at the end..(Heehee..)

Grys-Vok Vs. Specineff
Grys-Vok launches an ICBM. Continue to fight as usual when i spotted the ICBM above specineff. Speci jumps to greet the ICBM.

Grys-Vok Vs. Temjin
At the Floating carrier, Grys-Vok launches the 'original' ICBM followed by a mini ICBM at Temjin. In mid-battle, 2 ICBM's bombarded the Temjin.