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Overview: RAIDEN was developed in the early stages of the VR development together with TEMJIN.  It's the basic type of the Heavy Battle VRs, from which BELGDOR and DORKAS were derived.  At first, it was developed as the firepower support VR, but was officially adopted as the Heavy Battle VR later because of its overwhelming firepower and stabilized heavy armor.  This performance more than offsets the demerit of low mobility.  The firepower and armor have no equal in strength.  Especially, the laser guns mounted on both shoulders can damage any types of VRs seriously.  Consequently, they cost very high and do not admit of mass production.  They are the precious and valuable VRs which cannot be deployed in bulk.

One-Point Lecture: Heavy Battle VR, giving great importance on its firepower and armor.  The Laser guns mounted on both shoulders have the strongest destructive power of all the firearms of the currently used VRs.  However, the pilots must have some skill to utilize it effectively.
Armaments:Bazooka, Ground Bomb, Laser

VR Body Data:
                                    Height: 17.8m
                          Body weight: 12.2t

                Full-armed weight: 32.5t
Generator output capacity: 8824kw
           Firearms type: Live shell type
    Battery capacity: ------
    Magazine capacity: 16 shells/Cartridge
    Basic firepower/Shot: 60---200

   * The amount of gunpowder can be adjusted by switching the mode.

   * The heavy bazooka barrel can be used as the hitting arms in the close-range battle.

    Armament Basic Performance(More marks indicate better performance.)
                                Offensive strength>>>>
          Continuous firing performance>>>
                          Homing performance>>
Ground Bomb
           Firearms type: Live shell type
    Battery capacity: ------
    Magazine capacity: 1 bomb/Cartridge
  Basic firepower/Bomb: 225

   * It is incorporated with the hovering self-propelled unit on the outer core.

   * Delayed ignition method and close-range fuse method can be used.  Each of them can be adjusted separately upon firing.
   * Ground bombing function does not work in the close-range battle.  It's switched to the <Shoulder Tackle> mode bumping the shoulder against the enemy.

    Armament Basic Performance(More marks indicate better performance.)
                             Offensive strength>>
        Continuous firing performance>
                       Homing performance>

           Firearms type: Beam type
    Battery capacity: Directly connected to the main body generator
      Magazine capacity: ------
     Basic firepower/Shot: 500

   * The anticruiser laser oscillator which would have been mounted on the missile cruiser was minor-changed.  The firepower is the strongest of all the VRs used currently.

    Armament Basic Performance(More marks indicate better performance.)
                             Offensive strength>>>>>
        Continuous firing performance>
                       Homing performance>