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There is a rumor that a phantom stage exists in the simulation program.  Is it a bug on the program?  It is said that this stage may come out after completing the 5th stage in some cases.  This stage is completely cloaked in mystery.  What is waiting for you there?

The following is a bit of information about this stage.

Stage:Secret base

Enemy Virtuaroid(?):         JAGUARANDI       
Armaments:Bazooka(Assumed), Explosive bomb(Assumed), 8-way laser(Assumed)

Remarks:  The reported information about this VR varies depending on players.  Some players said the size of the VR was gigantic, and others said it was smaller than the currently used VRs.
      Some players said the defensive ability of the VR was lowered gradually after the repeated battles.(Uncertain information)
      The body color of the VR is reported differently depending on players.
      There is no definite information about the offensive ability of the VR.  (Because no record exists concerning the battle which is long enough to estimate the offensive ability.)