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Advanced Controls
Perhaps the most important difference with VOOM, VOOT offers a much wider range of weapon firing mode through the clever use of a combination of buttons. VOOM veterans and experts will realise that by limiting themselves to the basic three combinations (LW, RW, LW+RW), it is hardly possible to deal enough damage to CPU opponents and due to the increase in gameplay speed and additions in the gameplay such as double jumping, the VR pilots must exploit the new possibilities which the new moves perform exspecially well in some conditions.

The mid-boss, Bradtos and the end of game boss, Tangram, all almost impossible to kill with conventional weapons within a time limit unless you are using special anti-boss techinques ( Bal's half reflect laser ! , Temjin's machine gun, Fei-yen's Hyper Bowguns , Apharmd's Tongfer etc ) To defeat these bosses, you'll need to know the advance controls.

In this section, only the button combinations are explained. Look up the other sections for more details on high level gameplay like sliding crouch attacks, close combat techinques etc.

L - Left
R - Right
W - Weapon
T - Turbo/Dash
Left Weapon Centre Weapon Right Weapon
Normal shot LW LW + RW RW
Turbo shot 1 LW + LT LW + RW + RT RW + RT
Turbo shot 2 LW + RT LW + RW + LT + RT RW + LT
* Turbo shot 3 nil LW+RW+LT nil

Left Weapon
Triggers Notation Description
Left Trigger LW In most machines, it is their med-range weapon with a long charging time. Normally one or two shots can be fired before exhausting the weapon energy. Easily cancellable.
Left Trigger + Left Turbo LW + LT In most machine, this an alternative way to fire your left weapon. When performing a LW+LT, some machines have new ways to fire the weapon. Easily cancellable.
Left Trigger + Right Turbo LW + RT This is the powered up version of your left weapon that consumes almost if not all, your weapon energy. Not cancellable.

Right Weapon
Triggers Notation Description
Right Trigger RW In most machines, this is a long-range weapon that have short charging time and release the machine’s fastest projectiles. In forward dashing attacks, most weapons are fired as large and fat projectiles with high speed. Easily cancellable.
Right Trigger + Right Turbo RW + RT This mode is commonly referred as a turbo shot. In most cases, firing the weapon in mode 2 will consume almost all the energy of the weapon. When performing a crouch mode 2, some machines have new ways to fire the weapon. Not cancellable. (Exception Dordray)
Right Trigger + Left Turbo RW + LT In most machine, this an alternative way to fire your right weapon. When performing a crouch mode 3, some machines have new ways to fire the weapon. Easily cancellable.

Centre Weapon
Triggers Notation Description
Both triggers LW + RW This is normally a med-far range weapon. When performing this move while walking, some machines can fire in new ways. A crouch version normally fires in the same way as in LW+RW+LT+RT. Hard to cancel.
Both triggers and right turbo LW + RW + RT This is the enhanced version of the centre weapon. Consumes most of the weapon energy. When performing a backward dash or forward dash mode 2, some machines have new ways to fire the weapon. Not cancellable.
All trigger + All turbo LW + RW +LT + RT Drains all the energy of the centre weapon to fire the second enhanced version of the centre weapon or as a totally new way to fire the weapon. Hard to cancel.
* Both triggers + Left Turbo LW + RW + LT Fires a alternative shot, properties varies greatly. Not cancellable.

* Only Bal series, Specineff and Apharmd B are known to have turbo shot 3 LW+RW+LT
Bal will fire a single left green laser, Specineff will throw his rear armour as a dart and Apharmd B will create a stun hurricane. Aphamd B does NOT have a LW+RW+LT+RT command, it is actually turbo shot 3 !

Selective firing mode
For virturaroids with any of their center weapon firing mode which releases two or more sets projectiles, you can selectively fire only half of the full set.


Raiden's LW+RW, hold LW for left laser only, RW for right laser only, or hold LW+RW for normal double lasers.

Bal's crouch LW+RW+RT, hold LW for left E.R.L Laser Cage, hold RW for right E.R.L Laser Cage or LW+RW for normal double E.R.L laser cage.

Cypher's LW+RW+LT, hold LW+LT for left dual homing, hold RW for right dual homing or LW+RW+LT for normal 4 way homing.