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Basic Controls   |   Advanced Controls
Basic Controls

You can move into 8 directions:  forward, backward, left, right, and 4 diagonal directions.  The Virtuaroids having powerful mobility can dodge enemy shells pretty well by this motion. To move, simply push the sticks to the direction you prefered.

You can dash into 8 directions:  forward, backward, left, right, and 4 diagonal directions.  It can be used to dodge enemy shells, take a subtle interval, and make a fierce attack against the enemy.  A dash speed and distance vary depending on Virtuaroids.  Note that you cannot move at all for an instant after dashing.  Be careful of this unguarded moment.  If you attack the enemy while dashing, the VR turns to the enemy automatically, and makes a Lock-On attack. To dash, push the sticks to the direction you prefered and press the turbo buttons. In VO:OMG you'll have to press both turbo, while in VO:OT you're required to press only one.

You can turn to the left and right by pushing one stick to the front and the other to the back.  It's useful when you lost sight of the enemy or you want to change directions.  Quick turn is possible by pressing the Dash button together.

Jump makes you turn to the enemy automatically.  So, it's useful also when you lost sight of the enemy.  You can control VRs in midair by controlling the Direction button together.  Until you reach the highest position, the compulsory descent (Crouch) is possible.  A jump height and duration differ depending on VRs. To jump, push the sticks outwards.

Guard can defend VRs against the arms attack by the enemy only in the close-range battle, but it's an essential motion to defend the fierce attack made by the enemy. To guard(block), push the sticks inwards(Guard is available only in CC range).

VRs can attack the enemy in the crouching position by activating the Guard and Fire command together.  It can be used also in the close-range battle.
*Note that you can use <Crouch> motion only during Jump or in combination with Fire button.  It cannot be used by itself.


Basically, each Virtuaroid is incorporated with three types of arms having different performance.

Pressing <Left Arms button> enables an attack by the left arm.  It is available also during Dash and Jump.  Its performance changes according to the motion of the VR.

Pressing <Right Arms button> enables an attack by the right arm.  In the same way as the left arm, you can modify its performance by moving while attacking.

Pressing <Right Arms button> and <Left Arms button> together enables the third deadly attack.  This powerful and fierce attack can give the enemy a serious damage.  The performance of arms differs depending on VRs.

Armament Gauge
Each arms' condition is reflected on the three armament gauges displayed on the screen.  The left gauge corresponds to the left arms, the center one to the both arms, and the right one to the right arms.  The armament gauge indicates the remaining number of shells.  Its indication is blue in normal condition, turns to yellow when the close attack becomes possible, and turns to red when the shells have run out.  It means that this arms cannot be used any more.  Note that you cannot make an attack, even if you press the Fire button under this status.

Lock-On and Double Lock-On
You can fire the arms by pressing the arms button, but it seldom hits the enemy just by firing.  You should keep facing the enemy as much as possible, and <Lock-On> the aim within the effective range of the arms.  When the aim is locked-on, the lock-on mark appears in a circle around the enemy VR.  This status enables you to aim at the enemy, by which you can increase the effective hits and raise the hit rate.  When you get close enough to the enemy, another lock-on mark appears outside the existing lock-on mark.  It's a <Double Lock-On > status.  This means that the close-range battle is possible.